Add Your Organization to a Letter Urging Congress to Enact Bold, Long-term Solutions

Fill out the form below to add your organization to the HoUSed campaign's letter urging Congress to enact bold, long-term solutions that will ensure housing that is universal, stable, and affordable.

The time is now: Nationwide, there is a shortage of nearly 7 million affordable and available homes for the lowest income renters. As rents continue to rise and wages remain stagnant, there are now zero counties in the U.S. where a minimum wage earner working full-time can afford a two-bedroom apartment. There are numerous proven solutions that can address the affordability crisis, but current funding levels from Congress leave 3 out of 4 eligible households receiving no assistance at all.

Join us in calling for new investments in rent assistance, expanding the supply of affordable homes, ensuring emergency rental assistance, and expanding renter protections!

  • Read the full text of our sign-on letter here.
  • Learn more about the HoUSed campaign here.

Please note: This is an ORGANIZATIONAL sign-on letter, and your organization, not your individual name, will be listed as an endorser.

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